Argentina 2013

 After 11 years, I was able to make a trip back to my home country Mar Del Plata, Argentina. 

My parents drove me to the airport, I was nervous. It was a huge trip, I was going all by myself. This was the moment I felt like a true adult. In life, I usually had the help of my parents for just about everything. I walked in the entrance of Miami International Airport. My first thought was, "Shit... this is really happening". That's when everything sunk in...I was leaving Miami for 10 days. I wasn't really mentally prepared. After finishing final exams, I had a day to pack and get everything ready.

After getting my bags checked, I walked to my gate to wait for my flight.

After a rough 8 hour and 30 minute flight to Buenos Aires, I landed safely. I got my bags, and was able to meet my cousin who was waiting for me in the exit of the airport. My cousin drove me from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata, Argentina. During the drive, he would make short pit stops for food and drinks.

Las Armas, Argentina: One of my short stops. This is Argentina's highway.

The photos below are from Mar del Plata, Argentina:

Here are the photos I gathered from the beach, its absolutely beautiful. What I really liked were the elevations of land this city has. Also, the water is super cold!

Avenida Colon, Mar del Plata:

You can see the elevation of this city, once crossing the will see the beautiful beach this city offers.

The Port of Mar del Plata, Argentina: What I really loved about this stop was the fact that seals have their own private beach.

On the pier, you can see the port of Mar del Plata right across.

Las Sierras - Argentina: A place reserved for wildlife only. Small shops are included, but a large forest makes up most of the area. It's the closest you can get to nature.

El Bosque - Argentina: A small village in the forests of Argentina.


The park in Mar del Plata, Argentina:

Behind the casino of Mar del Plata, Argentina: Beautiful area, right behind the are a short walk away to the beach.

Acantilado - Mar del Plata, Argentina: My favorite spot from the trip. I love the beach, and visiting here gave me a view that I will never forget.

Mar del Plata, has been a pleasure.

This trip was amazing. I met my family after 11 years, I learned about new foods/cultures, and it has changed my perspective on life. Money well spent is in travelling.